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    Welcome!  Here you will find posts about things that I find interesting:  OpenStack, Open Source, Ubuntu Server, Linux, Cloud Computing, and other miscellaneous, sometimes random thoughts. 

    As with any of my content, this is not official documentation, and it may not apply to your your specific environment.  The opinions expressed here are my own, not the formal stance of any other party.  Take care, always test in a non-production environment, and remember to Read The Full Manual.

     I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to find me or contact me for discussion.

    Best to you!

  • OpenStack, Outer Space & Left Eyes

    I just realized that I have a conflict of abbreviation.  Common interpretation of “OS” in the industry is generally operating system, and sometimes open source.  To those outside the cloud industry, perhaps one-size, outer-space, or even oculus sinister (the left eye).

    Not to minimize the importance of an operating system, a left eye or outer space, but for the sake of saying:  I hereby propose that the old-skool meanings of OS are obsolete.  Used in a naked context, or without clarifying qualifiers, the OS acronym shall now equate:  OpenStack.  Granted, I could be biased.  Just a silly thought this morning, there you have it.

  • New discussion forum: Kernel Tarball. Linux, cloud, gaming, kernel, anything goes.

    KernelTarball.com - Linux Discussion Forum

    Kernel Tarball – Linux Discussion Forum

    For the life of the Internet (and before that BBS / bulletin boards), I’ve been the fortunate recipient of the benefit of open discussions.  For a few years the late 1980’s, I ran a Spitfire BBS out of my home for discussion groups, tradewars 2000 “online” games, and shareware distribution.   My contribution back to the community in the form of a discussion board has been absent since then.

    Today, I decided to build a new discussion forum, KernelTarball.com, with categories and boards surrounding the topics of interest in my life and career.

    The Kernel Tarball Forum is intended to cover the topics of cloud engineering, linux gaming, open source telephony and anything else of interest.

    World, enjoy yet one more discussion place!


    aka 1chb1n aka kerneltarball