The Customer is the Key: Reflecting on Business Success


Verity Information Systems – SCTelcom
Medicine Lodge, KS

Fourteen years ago this month, I came to Pratt, KS as a twenty-something tech geek with an entrepreneurial bug.  Someone wise once told me that a man can build a successful business if he simply identifies a need, finds a way to fill that gap, and then services it with a high level of dependability and integrity.

So I went to work establishing relationships with area businessmen and women who had a very clear need:  solid computer information systems and responsive support on which they could depend.  I became involved with the local community of professionals, from CPAs to attorneys to utility companies, and focused wholeheartedly on building a business which served their needs.  The success of that business can be attributed to the work and support of many people and strategic business actions.  But ultimately I believe it was in going above and beyond to ensure the success of their business that allowed my business to thrive. Some say the customer is king.  I say the customer is the key.

Fast forward a decade.  Four years ago this month, SCTelcom acquired my managed IT services business.  This ISP and rural telecom of 50 years had been a valued carrier and vendor for several of my projects.  There was a natural union of interests which seemed to be a no-brainer.   So, we joined forces to expand services, availability, resources and coverage area for our clients.

Zip ahead four years.  I now have the pleasure of working with this area’s most diverse and talented team of business minds, telecommunications pros and network engineers that you can find.  These are a staff dedicated to the success of the company, and a board of directors diligently progressive and forward-looking.

My peers at SCTelcom always ask the right question when implementing new systems or changes:  “How will this affect the customer?”

The customer is still king.  And key.


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