• Trusty Tahr 14.04 Server Upgrade from Precise 12.04

    Trusty Tahr

    Today is the day of the Trusty Tahr!

    The next Long-Term Support version of Ubuntu Server lands today, with a 5-year support life cycle.  We’ve been testing Trusty every which way for the past couple of months.  I wanted to test Trusty Server + Samba4 against Windows 8, so today I captured some of this work for the ‘tubes.

    First I brought up a Windows 8.1 Enterprise trial guest on qemu/kvm, also demonstrating one way to enable virtio SCSI and NIC guest drivers.  Then I configured a freshly-installed Precise box as a very basic and simple samba file server.  Next I confirmed that the Samba 3 shares functioned as expected among Precise, Win8 and Trusty.  And finally, I upgraded the Precise VM to Trusty, and re-tested Samba 4.  Enjoy!   [Read More…]

  • Linux server remote admin and performance monitoring tools

    byobu on beisner.com

    This is a short video which demonstrates a “tabbed SSH” tool, persistent remote session features and network performance monitoring utilities that I like to use when doing remote Linux server administration.  Using the upcoming Ubuntu Server 14.04 Trusty Tahr LTS, I touch on byobu, htop, nethogs, nload and iptraf while stepping through some of the basic and practical uses of each.

    For more tales, stories and practical info about linux, virtualization, cloud, continuous integration, devops, Ubuntu Server, JuJu, MAAS, OpenStack and the such, watch for more on the SYSOPS FABLES channel on YouTube.  There is also a playlist which is specific to general Linux server command line administration, where I will post future guides.

    More to come – enjoy!